5 gadgets to make working from home comfortable

Posted on August 20 2020

5 gadgets to make working from home comfortable

HaierTAB robot cleaner

The HaeirTAB uses a unique anti-winding brush design that uses steel blades in the roller to chop up annoying clumps of hair.

A powerful motor delivers a strong suction that should work as well on hardwood floors as on carpet, though we couldn't verify the latter. The 'Tabot' mops the floor, too, and is equipped with a large capacity water tank to clean a larger floor area before needing to be refilled.

A powerful 4-core 1.2GHz CPU works with built-in radar sensors to map out your house's floor plan down to an accuracy of 1cm. A single charge is enough for 2 and a half hours of cleaning.

Finally, the Tabot comes with a smaller handheld vacuum cleaner for a quick clean without taking out your stand-alone unit. And it supports Alexa or Google Assistant so you can order it around.

Price: US$439

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This article was first published in South China Morning Post.

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